Abu Dhabi Airports Company

While attending the ISNR expo in Abu Dhabi this past March, we enjoyed a unique opportunity to meet a very interesting company called Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC).


ZK-22 – Joe Meaux – Kris Ford – Red Jacket Firearms

Joe Meaux and Kris Ford of Red Jacket Firearms and Sons of Guns television show promoting the new ZK-22 with Guns & Tactics at SHOT Show 2012 in Las Vegas, NV.


GLOCK 21, 32 and 34 Gen4

Guns & Tactics visits with Glock to learn more about the GLOCK 21, 32 and 34 Gen4 at SHOT Show 2012.


The RG12 Mk4 from BAE Systems

Running late for work? Looking to start a carpool? We’ve got the perfect ride! The beefed up RG12 Mk4 is a mean machine on the road and traffic will no longer be an obstacle. Grab your buddies, your best gear and a bunch of ammo and let’s go for a ride!


Tactical Breaching System

The 5.11 Breaching Tool System will launch with a range of four tools: the Mini Ram, a compact Multi Pry, a Multi Sledge and the full-sized Multi Breacher. The training kit also comes with the Multi Door which serves as a training tool.


Olympic Arms AR22 250

The Olympic Ultimate Magnum AR or UMAR is all rifle; from the 24 inch stainless steel barrel to its A2 style buttstock; in between is pure unadulterated shooting pleasure.


Caracal Pistols

The Caracal pistol is a series of semi-automatic pistols manufactured by Caracal International L.L.C., a subsidiary of Tawazun Holding from the United Arab Emirates. The Caracal series are the first pistols produced and manufactured in the United Arab Emirates.


Zistos Corporation, SHOT Show 2012

We witnessed some fantastic technology at SHOT Show this year, and one of our favorites was Zistos Corporation. The folks at Zistos make a lot of super cool stuff that pretty much any SWAT team would want.



SARSILMAZ/SAR ARMS USA presents the ST9 semi-automatic pistol and the SAR-PA (pump-action) Shotgun with Guns & Tactics at SHOT Show 2012.


Shooting Straight (Ep.5): 5.11 Tactical

Hidden pockets, cutting-edge technology. Chandler Garrett introduces new product from 5.11 Tactical at SHOT Show 2012.