Wes Doss Interviews Colion Noir at NRAAM 2013

This year at the NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits, Wes Doss and the Guns & Tactics media crew enjoyed the opportunity to meet NRA News Commentator and Youtube personality, Mr. Colion Noir. In this candid interview Noir shares his thoughts and excitement about this year’s NRAAM and tells us how he got his start on Youtube. Of course, he also talks to us about his favorite guns!


Danner Factory Tour

In this episode of Tactical Gear Factory we travel to Oregon for a visit with Danner to see how the “Rivot” boot is manufactured for the US Military.


Blade-Tech Classic OWB W-ASR

This holster is a perfect choice for those looking for optimal convenience and comfort. It is adjustable from straight drop to muzzle fwd or FBI cant. This holster is very popular for plain clothes carry professionals that do some desk work and are in and out of vehicles. Adjustable tension screws allows for precise retention.


Caleb Giddings, Team Gun-Up

Guns & Tactics meet and greet with Caleb Giddings of Team Blade-Tech at the 2012 Bianchi Cup.


Bruce Piatt, Team Blade-Tech

Guns & Tactics meet and greet with Bruce Piatt of Team Blade-Tech at the 2012 Bianchi Cup.


Ecuador Open 2012

Highlights from the Ecuador Open 2012 shooting sports competition.


Meet Anette Wachter of 30CalGal.com

Guns & Tactics visits with Anette Wachter of 30CalGal.com at West Coast Armory.


A Message From Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent speaks his message at SHOT Show 2012 with Guns & Tactics Magazine.


Aimpoint at SHOT Show 2012

Guns & Tactics visits with Aimpoint at SHOT Show 2012.