Valkyrie Combat

Valkyrie Combat offers battle-savvy weapon customization and training to real-world operators in the tactical community. Their firearm and knife custom work includes stippling, machining and Cerakote, and their partnership with Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts offers 17 years of tactical training service to government and corporate clients.


Lights, Sights & Lasers :30 Commercial

This :30 commercial was created to help raise awareness about the Lights, Sights & Lasers Tour, providing free, accredited training to law enforcement, courtesy of the tour sponsors. Instruction provided by Wes Doss and Kyhber Interactive Associates.


LSL Interview with Steyr Arms

At the NRA 2013 Annual Meeting Wes Doss of Khyber Training with Einar Hoff of Steyr Arms to discuss their involvement and support of the Lights, Sights, Lasers nationwide training workshop. The tour is traveling 9 months to 19 different department hosts and is FREE to attending Law Enforcement and Military students.


Lights, Sights & Lasers Tour 2013 (Las Vegas)

Presenting the LSL 2013 US/LE MIL Tour: Only Hits Count. This nationwide training program is sponsored by XS Sight Systems, Crimson Trace, Blade-Tech, Steyr Arms, and Gargoyles Eyewear. Accredited training lead by Wes Doss and the Khyber Training.


Blade-Tech Weapon Retention System

Our WRS is a Level 2 holster that has a spring loaded hood that allows it to rotate forward when released. The hood is activated by pushing the lever towards the body, mimicing the movement of a standard thumb break system. The WRS allows for easy securing of the weapon after being returned to the holster by simply rotating the hood back over the weapon. The WRS Holster comes with our NEW Duty Drop and Offset attachment.


Blade-Tech Klipt IWB

The Klipt IWB was designed to be comfortable, with an easy on/off belt clip. This holsters is handmade of incredibly durable materials that make this a great everyday carry holster for small frame and compact guns.


Blade-Tech Classic Belt Holster

The Classic Blade-Tech OWB Holster. One of the most popular holsters for the Shooting Sports. Friction fit, level 1 retention. Stable, Secure & Comfortable… Carry Confident.


Blade-Tech Riptide Folding Karambit

Blade-Tech Karambit Folding Knife – presented by Blade-Tech Founder and Knife Designer Tim Wegner.


Caracal at SHOT Show 2013

Caracal attended the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s 35th Annual SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada presenting a full line of products and debuting the CC10 Carbine. Caracal also unveiled the Caracal F chambered for .40 S&W as part of the SHOT Show extravaganza.


Blade-Tech Small Modular Mount System

Greater flexibility in mounting on body. Fits Holsters, Rifle Mag Pouches, Taser Holsters, & more! Dual Locking Mechanisms, option to go from chest to thigh to belt, constructed of high density polymers. Includes 1 male, 2 female adaptor pieces, and hardware.