Caracal® VERSUS™ Competition Rifle

The VERSUS™ Competition Rifle was designed by competitive shooters, for competitive shooters, with features that today’s top competitors demand. By focusing on the essential aspects of dependability, accuracy, reduced weight, and superior ergonomics, the VERSUS™ Competition Rifle gives you the perfect foundation for your podium finish. This rifle provides a true “out of the box” solution for any competitor ranging from novice to World Class shooters, at a price point that allows everyone to run with the pack.


Ballistic Magazine’s Top 10 Finds From TriggCon 2018

TriggrCon provides a unique event for the tactical firearms industry, and as far as innovation goes, TriggrCon 2018 didn’t disappoint.


American Warriors Legends Night SHOT Show 2017

Large charitable veterans event, hosted annually at SHOT show. A gathering of industry leaders, veterans and Americans!


Caracal Pistols and Rifles

2017/2018 Caracal USA produce showcase featuring the Enhanced F pistol with options for standard sights or the Quick Sight™ system, alongside the CAR814 and CAR816 tactical rifles.


Caracal USA at SHOT Show 2017

Event highlights featuring Caracal USA exhibiting at the 2017 Industry Day at the Range and SHOT Show in Las Vegas, NV on Jan 16 – 20. Caracal USA showcased the Enhanced F pistol, and the CAR814 A2 and CAR816 A2 tactical rifles. Caracal USA products are manufactured in the U.S.A.


Tactical Moment – Tactical Apparel

In this episode of Tactical Moment, John Holschen and special guest Dave Rhoden present the latest tactical apparel from 5.11 Tactical.


Tactical Moment – Move and Shoot

In this episode of Tactical Moment, John references the Tueller Drill and shows you how to optimize your movement to increase survivability in a knife or club attack.


Tactical Moment – Shot Placement

In this Tactical Moment video episode John talks to us about aiming points and target zones. In terms of defensive shooting, we’re shooting because we need to stop the lethal activity that someone is directing at us. Watch this video to learn about “shot placement” and how to quickly and effectively neutralize the threat.


Tactical Moment – Stoppages

In this Tactical Moment episode John discusses “stoppages.” A stoppage is a momentary cessation of the firearm. When you pull the trigger and hear a click instead of a bang, then you know something is wrong. Applying “immediate action” could be the fastest way to fix the problem and get back in the gunfight. Watch this video to learn how to manage a firearms stoppage by applying the immediate action technique.


Tactical Moment – Optimized Use of Cover

In this episode of Tactical Moment, John Holschen demonstrates techniques for optimizing the use of cover to win the gunfight without getting shot.